Juno Smalley

Lead Pastor

Juno has been serving as our Lead Pastor since June of 2013. While a native from Michigan, Juno has also served in churches in Arizona. Juno earned a graduate degree from Wheaton Graduate School and a Master of Divinity from Western Theological Seminary and brings over 42 years of ministry (22 full time pastor, 20+ as a volunteer). Juno also leads a ministry called Timeless Ministries. Juno enjoys enjoys living in Artesia and also likes popcorn, movies and is in denial that he is addicted to red vines licorice. He also enjoys outdoor perennial gardening and is trying to get back into running (with the encouragement of his daughter).

I appreciate the heart of the people who make up New Life Community Church. I appreciate their efforts and willingness to do more then just ‘attend’ a church, but their commitment to ‘be’ the church. Our inter-generational worship experiences provide a more realistic picture of what heaven will be like. I’ve been impressed with the commitment of our people to take a risk and to be involved with something bigger then what anyone of us could accomplish on our own. I’m encouraged by their desire to be an authentic community making a difference in the places where God as called them to live and serve. Now if I could just get Neil Diamond here to be our guest worship leader we’d be all set…