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Kristin Garland

Finance and Human Resources Manager

Kristin joined New Life staff in 2010 as a finance & human resource’s manager. Since then Kristin has built and led a team that serves over 60 staff in 3 distinct financial entities. She keeps New Life up to date with new rules of the law and insurance world, making sure New Life is all good. Kristin has two lovely children Trinity & Silas.

“One thing I really love about new life, is being in regular contact with our church members. Our members maintain the church’s facilities, sit on the governing board and help with children’s programs. Many of these good people have become friends of mine, we pray together, and have watched loved ones/fellow church members go home to be with the Lord. Many from our church have become like family to me & my children.

“Church members are not shy asking tough questions, and showing their appreciation for the work that I do at New Life. After going to a mega-church for 17 years, attending a more intimate church for the last 4 years has been just what my kids & I needed.”