Church Outdoors will replace our Sunday Morning Live Stream Worship Service. We will no longer be doing a Sunday Morning Live Stream service and in its place we will be meeting in Person outdoors on our giant lawn for our worship Service on Sundays at 6:30pm. This new outdoor worship experience will be on live stream as well. We are very excited for this opportunity to gather once again in person.


Gates will open at 6:00 pm and you can park in the parking lot and find a spot on the grass. We encourage you to bring your own chair, blanket, food, drinks or anything you might need. We are asking everyone to bring their masks, but once you are seated at least 6ft from those around you, you may remove your mask. There will be a designated area in the very back of the grass section for cars to park and tailgate if you prefer that. Restrooms will be open. We recommend arriving closer to 6:00pm to get a comfortable spot and look forward to gathering together for worship.


Most everyone has experienced significant change during the previous months. As we reflect on these past few months and all the unexpected changes that took place we have learned a few things about ourselves. The aim of this series is to look back on our experiences through the lens of scripture in order to process our experiences from a biblical perspective.


We are coming to you today as a church staff and leadership to say that we are committed to fighting injustice and systemic racism, and while the church has not always been ahead of the game we are committed to being the change in our community. We are here to stand in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters, and to affirm that their lives matter.

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