We Are Overcomers

Pastor Ryan concludes our sermon series The Christian Hypocrite and talks about going beyond not taking revenge and blessing and feeding our enemies.

Scripture: Romans 12:20-21

The Impossible Dream part 2

Pastor Juno continues our series by looking at the importance of being at peace with one another and not seeking revenge for wrongdoing.

Scripture: Romans 12:17-19

The Impossible Dream

Pastor Juno continues our series by sharing how we can bless, rejoice, and mourn with others.

Scripture: Romans 12:14-16

Living Out Faith

Pastor Juno continues our series The Christian Hypocrite by telling us the importance of being joyful, patient and faithful.

Scripture: Romans 12:12

Growing Passion

This past Sunday, Pastor Ryan continued our series by breaking down what it means to live a passionate life for God.

Scripture: Romans 12:11

Love. Honor. Generosity. Hospitality.

Pastor Ryan continues in our series by looking at what the bible says of loving one another, honoring each other, sharing with those who have needs, and practicing hospitality.

Scripture: Romans 12:10-13

Love Sincerely

Pastor Ryan continues our series by focusing on loving constantly and using God’s love as the fuel for the love we give to others.

Scripture: Romans 12:9


Pastor Juno kicks off our new series The Christian Hypocrite and looks at three areas of focus to help us avoid hypocrisy.

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

A Power Driven Church

Pastor Juno looks at Jesus’ final instructions to the disciples and how the Holy Spirit empowers us to show others God’s love.

Scripture: Acts 1:1-9; Acts 2:42-43; John 3:8

Can You Hear Me Now?

Pastor Juno looks at when Jesus forgives Peter and reminds us that we are called to follow God and do His work.

Scripture: John 21:15-19