Friendship & Community

This Sunday, Pastor Juno continues our series by teaching on the importance of friendships, community, and hospitality.

Scripture: Proverbs 17:17; John 15:15; Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Sermon starts at 13:40

Intergenerational Faith

Pastor Ryan continues our series by exploring the varying generations in our community, what the Bible says about generations and how we can live more intentionally together.

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20:13, Psalm 145:4, Psalm 78, Joel 1:3

Covenant Community

Pastor Ryan continues our series Creating Community and talks through how our God is one who commits.

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-7, 15:8-18, 17:1-13; 1 John 4:10; Joshua 24:15

Better Together

Pastor Ryan Klement kicks off our new series Creating Community by looking at how we come from a culture that is focused on independence, but scripture tells us to be focused on community.

Scripture: Various


Go and Make Disciples

Pastor Ryan looks at our mission and what it really means to go and make disciples and to baptize and teach them.

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20


In Between Sundays

Pastor Juno looks at Our Mission and Big 3 Values and discusses how to apply these to our lives between Sundays.

Various Scripture

Church as a Meal

Pastor Mark continues our series by showing how the early church, following the practice of Jesus, primarily met in a house around a table for a meal — and shares this invitation for us today.

Scripture: Acts 2:42-47

Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner?

Pastor Juno continues our series by looking at the role of community in eating and drinking with others.

Scripture: Luke 7

Eating and Drinking

Pastor Mark starts our new series on the simple but profound act of eating and drinking with others to show grace – just like Jesus did.

Scripture: Luke 5:27-34


The Power of a Faithful Friend

While one of the most popular passages in the Bible, Pastor Juno takes a different look at Saul’s conversion emphasizing the role of Ananias’ friendship on Saul’s dramatic encounter with the risen Jesus.

Scripture: Acts 9:1-31