Trusting God With Your Needs

Pastor Rachel teaches on the second half of the Lord’s Prayer, unpacking what it means to trust God with both your physical and spiritual needs.

Scripture: Matthew 6:11-13

You Can Run But You Can Not Hide

There’s a bit of Jonah in all of us. Listen to how sin causes us to run, but God’s love and care still finds us.

Scripture: Jonah 1:4-17


Coming Out of Hiding

In the Bible, King David is known as the man “after God’s own heart”. He was powerful and handsome, anointed by God – this towering religious and political figure. And he had this hidden, but giant secret: he was a murderer, adulterer and a liar.

In Psalm 51, King David confesses his sin to God as he asks for forgiveness and seeks genuine repentance. This model of prayer teaches us that confession is about coming out of hiding. And the best thing for us is to be found out. Because that’s actually when you experience healing.

We can be openly honest with God and others because we know God is full of love and mercy. Christianity says that your identity is not based on what you’ve done, but on what God has done for you. We can say this because on the cross God hid his face from Jesus, so that God could hide his face from your sin.

Scripture: Psalm 51; 1 John 1:8-9; James 5:16