Growing Passion

This past Sunday, Pastor Ryan continued our series by breaking down what it means to live a passionate life for God.

Scripture: Romans 12:11

Love. Honor. Generosity. Hospitality.

Pastor Ryan continues in our series by looking at what the bible says of loving one another, honoring each other, sharing with those who have needs, and practicing hospitality.

Scripture: Romans 12:10-13

Love Sincerely

Pastor Ryan continues our series by focusing on loving constantly and using God’s love as the fuel for the love we give to others.

Scripture: Romans 12:9


Pastor Juno kicks off our new series The Christian Hypocrite and looks at three areas of focus to help us avoid hypocrisy.

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

Walking with the Spirit in Surrender

Pastor Ryan concludes our sermon series by looking at what it means to walk daily with the Holy Spirit and express surrender to God.

Scripture: John 14-16

Filled with the Holy Spirit

To continue our series, Pastor Ryan looks at Pentecost and the filling of the Holy Spirit.

Scripture: Acts 2:1-13

A Power Driven Church

Pastor Juno looks at Jesus’ final instructions to the disciples and how the Holy Spirit empowers us to show others God’s love.

Scripture: Acts 1:1-9; Acts 2:42-43; John 3:8

Can You Hear Me Now?

Pastor Juno looks at when Jesus forgives Peter and reminds us that we are called to follow God and do His work.

Scripture: John 21:15-19

Go and Make Disciples

Pastor Ryan looks at our mission and what it really means to go and make disciples and to baptize and teach them.

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20


And He Walks With Me

Pastor Juno looks at the story of two disciples on their way to Emmaus and reminds us of who Jesus is and that He is always with us.

Scripture: Luke 24:13-32