God has created us wonderfully unique and while we have different personalities, we also are created with unique ways to connect with God. None of the ways are better or more in line with God’s desire. This week we talk about people can not worship God unless their mind is engaged. The title Intellectuals has nothing to do with IQ, Rather it describes those believers whose hearts are most warmed toward God when they understand new concept and gain new insights and increased comprehension.

Enthusiasts & Contemplatives

There are several ways for us to connect with God. Most often we celebrate our means of connecting and despise others as inferior. This message focuses on two types of connecting to God. The first is passion, excitement and enthusiasm. These people want to live faith and life out loud!!! The second is the contemplative. These people enjoy connecting with God through thinking, being still and dwelling on Gods love for them.

Naturalists & Traditionalist

God has wired us uniquely different in personalities and in ways of connecting with him. This week we talk about the strengths and differences between Naturalists & Traditionalist. Neither is better then the other, we are just different and we need to appreciate and understand our differences.

Life Groups

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The Big 3

There are many good areas that a church can lean into. At NLCC we have chosen three initiatives to focus on for this coming year. Life Groups, Ministry in Mission, and homeLife.

Growing Home

God desires our faith to grow beyond the church walls and effect every aspect of our lives. This message is about shifting our primary faith development to our homes rather than the church.