Ingredients for Life

The writer of Philippians, Paul, shares words thanksgiving that comes from his mind, heart and prayers. We are also reminded that in questionable and heart breaking circumstances that God still moves and can give us joy. We will look at Paul’s Chains, Critics and Crisis and how God moved. We focus on the chains we all have in life and will be reminded that God loosens those chains.

Scripture: Philippians 1:3-26

Ingredients for Life

We all want to live lives of significance. Paul, the writer of the NT book Philippians give us an inside look at what it means to make a difference in life even if you are in a jail cell. Paul begins this letter with some basic reminders on some ingredients for life.

The Father

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The Elder Son

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The Younger Son

In Luke 15 Jesus tells us three parables. The lost sheep, coin and son. What’s a parable? The Prodigal Son has three main characters and we’ll be discussing and trying to take a glimpse of each one over the next three weeks. We start with the Younger Son today, and next week the Older Son, then followed by the Father. One word the best describes each character is redemption.

Inspired for a Purpose

The Holy Spirit not only empowers us into relationship with God the Father and the Son Jesus, but empowers us for the whole christian life and experience. He, being God gifts us for works for ministry.

Filled with the Holy Spirit

Paul writes to the church in Ephesus to be filled with the Holy Spirit rather than with wine. We can deduce 2 key points. The first is that we should not get drunk, but the second and more important is that even the christians need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The idea of the word for filling here is the need for a continual filling.


Good Friday is the day we intentionally remember what Jesus did for us when he died on the cross. The message will explain how the death of Jesus creates direct access to the creator God. We no longer need a person to (i.e. Priest) to connect us to God.

Scripture: Exodus 36:35, Ephesians 2:18, Hebrews 4:15, I Timothy 2:5


God has created us wonderfully unique and while we have different personalities, we also are created with unique ways to connect with God. None of the ways are better or more in line with God’s desire. This week we talk about people can not worship God unless their mind is engaged. The title Intellectuals has nothing to do with IQ, Rather it describes those believers whose hearts are most warmed toward God when they understand new concept and gain new insights and increased comprehension.

Enthusiasts & Contemplatives

There are several ways for us to connect with God. Most often we celebrate our means of connecting and despise others as inferior. This message focuses on two types of connecting to God. The first is passion, excitement and enthusiasm. These people want to live faith and life out loud!!! The second is the contemplative. These people enjoy connecting with God through thinking, being still and dwelling on Gods love for them.