Grace to Grace

Pastor Mark unpacks the Jerusalem Council where Gentiles are told they don’t need to be circumcised to be saved but are to still abstain for pagan rituals. Though foreign to our cultural context, we learn from this passage that you don’t have to change for God to accept you, but God will change you once you’re accepted.

Scripture: Acts 15:1-29


Pastor Juno kicks off the Lenten season for us explaining what exactly Lent means and why we should participate in it.

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 13:5



The Depth of God’s Mercy

The story of Jonah is not so much about a whale as it is about the God who sent a whale to save His disobedient prophet. Listen as Pastor Rachel unpacks the amazing depths of God’s mercy extended to Jonah–and us today.

Scripture: Jonah 2


Coming Out of Hiding

In the Bible, King David is known as the man “after God’s own heart”. He was powerful and handsome, anointed by God – this towering religious and political figure. And he had this hidden, but giant secret: he was a murderer, adulterer and a liar.

In Psalm 51, King David confesses his sin to God as he asks for forgiveness and seeks genuine repentance. This model of prayer teaches us that confession is about coming out of hiding. And the best thing for us is to be found out. Because that’s actually when you experience healing.

We can be openly honest with God and others because we know God is full of love and mercy. Christianity says that your identity is not based on what you’ve done, but on what God has done for you. We can say this because on the cross God hid his face from Jesus, so that God could hide his face from your sin.

Scripture: Psalm 51; 1 John 1:8-9; James 5:16


Power, Wealth and Money are often what gives people influence and position. Jesus throws a wrench in all of that thinking as we will learn in our new message series, A New Way to be Human. Jesus doesn’t jump down any throat about the external actions of people, yet He does appear to be talking about what needs to happens on the heart level for those who follow Him. He really is radical in his thinking as he establishes a new way to live a life that brings about ultimate peace.

Scripture: Matthew 5:1-6