Live as Light

Paul gets practical in this portion of the letter to the Ephesians: here’s how to lean in to living as Jesus followers. Written amdist a highly sexualized and immoral culture, he urges followers of Jesus to flee from sexual immorality, impurity, and greed altogether so that their lives may reflect the light of the one who saved them.

Because Jesus has rescued us, He has taken us out of darkness and into light. We are now called to live as children of light in the Lord, and shine light into darkness. What does that mean for you? Watch the message and find out.

Scripture: Ephesians 5:3-14

Eros: Romantic Love

We live in a hyper-sexualized culture that worships sex and says you can have sex whenever you want and whoever you want with. It’s just recreational and there are no consequences.

On the other hand, the Church is often known for being anti-sex. Many Christians view sex as an unspiritual, dirty and sinful aspect of life. Or, sex is viewed for procreation rather than for simple pleasure. Hence the Church’s tendency to idolize ‘marriage’ and ‘family’.

Thankfully, the Bible – and the Song of Songs in particular (which is erotic love poetry!) – corrects and redeems both of these distorted views of sex and puts forward the Biblical notion that sex is incredibly beautiful, good and powerful within the context of a committed marriage between a male and female. Yet, sex isn’t an end in and of itself — it’s to point us to the larger love story of Jesus who loves us (whether single or married!) better than any human husband or wife ever can.

Scripture: Song of Songs 4-5