How is hope in Jesus different from hope in anything else? The ancient church in the Old Testament, Israel, asked the same question. They put their hope in everything else–neighboring nations, magicians, and their own ways–ignoring God altogether, and plunging their nation into dark captivity. Yet, God promised to bring light to the deep darkness that invaded this region.

How did this light come?

Not through a victory over their enemies, a new government, or a smashing leader. Nothing they expected whatsoever. This light came through a revolutionary baby boy: Jesus of Nazareth. The people of Israel found true, unexpected hope in Jesus because he delivered them from darkness and fulfilled God’s promise to rescue them in a way nothing else could.

What areas in your life do you need the unexpected, redemptive hope of Jesus to invade this Christmas season?

Scripture: Isaiah 9:1-2; Matthew 4:12-16