It’s Party Time


This is an update from our Lead Pastor, Juno Smalley.

If you’ve been with us during recent Sunday services you know that “It’s party time!” This is a reminder of the invitation to you, our church members, to host a neighborhood Block Party (or gathering of some kind). The weekend is coming soon! Don’t let fear or embarrassment stop you from taking a step to “Love your Neighbor.” Click here so we can support you as you host a party.

The Pumpkin Bash

The second opportunity is our Pumpkin Bash. Our Pumpkin Bash remains a huge outreach event for our community. We had a record crowd last year in attendance and vehicles that we decorated for Trunk or Treat. We would love to have you join in decorating your car, truck, SUV, bicycle, etc. Contact Tina if you would like to have a vehicle in the Trunk or Treat at

Sunday Programming Update

I also wanted to share a decision that came after weeks of praying and discerning what is best for the next steps of New Life when it comes to reaching those not yet here.

I have met with the choir and shared that the choir, as we know it, will no longer be sharing in the Sunday services. The choir has had a great ministry and after much thought and prayer, it was decided that there might be a better place(s) for them to use their gifts.

No doubt we are thankful for the many years of service and sacrifice the choir has contributed to New Life. We love the people in the choir, their hearts and their willingness to share. We look forward to special events or different seasons or other places that we might be able to help reinforce the Good News with the help of the choir or some of it’s members.

Responding to Change

Leadership decisions are not always easy or popular. I’m realistic to know that the choir decision will not make everyone happy. I’m sure you are aware that most decisions don’t make everyone happy, especially when it affects their friends. I’m asking and confident that you will all respond in a Christ-like manner as you process this decision, and that we will continue to partner with each other and with God to be New Life for the City.

One of the leaders in the choir emailed me this week and shared…”Hopefully the church will understand and accept this decision and understand that the ‘CHOIR’ is honoring this decision and will find other ways to serve. We as the choir can certainly help the congregation sing louder and participate more in each service.”

The history of New Life is rich with a desire and practical expressions to reach the un-churched and those not here yet. I pray our heart will continue to reflect God’s heart as we all want to make the largest impact in our community that we can.

Growth at New Life

I am hearing more and more stories about people checking out New Life and trying to figure out their next steps in their spiritual journey. Our attendance has increased by almost 20% over the last two years. People are returning and joining with New Life to partner with us in our efforts to make a difference. Thanks for all you are doing by prayer for our church, by inviting your friends and family to visit, and by creating a place where people can find new life in Christ.

Praying for you as we together, Love God and Love our Neighbor. Have a great weekend.



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