Worship and Mission

When we talk about worship and mission — we often don’t associate them together. But in fact, God designed worship and mission to function inseparably: for worship to fuel God’s people and send them out on mission to reach the lost, and for missional living to draw His children back to worship. Listen as Pastors Mark and Rachel share how being on mission and worshipping God is part of what it means to be made in God’s image, as well as what happens to Israel when they forget this fact and neglect being on mission for spreading God’s kingdom.

Scripture: Isaiah 1:11-17; Amos 5:21-24



Giving Thanks is Worship

As many Psalms reference, worship can be a beautiful act of thanksgiving unto God. As Pastor Juno explains, our worship of thanks can take many shapes and forms–from singing songs to gratitude lists to prayers of thanksgiving. Listen to various stories of thanksgiving for God’s healing hand, sovereign allowance of trials, and presence through all of life’s seasons and prepare your heart for a year-round posture of thanksgiving for all God has done in your life.

Scripture: Psalm 92:1-2

Expressions of Worship

Regardless of your age or background, most of us express passion at sporting events, concerts and countless other activities. Yet, for some odd reason, we often express ourselves much less through times of worship. God delights for us to worship Him in various bodily postures, emotions and other expressions. Watch to hear more about God’s design for expressive worship.

Scripture: Psalm 150


Defining Worship

Worship is not a religious thing; worship is a human thing. Everyone worships. The only choice we have is what we worship. According to the Bible (Romans 12:1), our true act of worship is what we do with bodies Sunday-Saturday, not just Sunday mornings in singing songs and listening to a sermon. We can tell what we really worship by examining what we value in our everyday schedules and habits. What do we dream of? What do we long for? What do we sacrifice for in our everyday lives? As Paul urges in Romans 12:1, may we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice — as this is our true and proper worship.

Scripture: Romans 12:1