Christians can easily become co-dependent upon the church, relying on attending a service or a group in a church building for their primary spiritual growth. While Sunday mornings and small groups are important, over time this can become a crutch to our spiritual growth. Developing a healthy spiritual life and intentionallly growing at home with our families we can work to live out our faith everyday.

Scripture: Psalms 127

Following Jesus on Mission

As we continue our Picture This series, taking a look at the big picture of where we feel God is calling New Life to focus in 2015, this morning’s message focuses on the second of our Big Three areas – Mission, or if that feels like too odd of a word at first, Service. We’re all drawn to things for different reasons, and that includes our spiritual life. Whatever is drawing you to New Life, whatever is drawing you to Jesus today, he wants to help you continue to grow deeper in that relationship, to move from superficial fan to committed follower. Consider with us how he first makes that invitation to his disciples in Galilee and continues to invite us today. Let this be the week you take a practical step closer to God by following Jesus in mission!

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Life Groups

Everyone knows humans naturally seek out relationships and community. We see that in the common phrases and taglines on church websites like, “We get together because we can’t make it alone”, in the recent explosion of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and even in gangs!

Our problem with community isn’t that we don’t know we need or want it – that’s obvious. A study from the University of Michigan or Facebook can tell you that. If we’re all honest – perhaps we’re actually scared of it ending up looking like the early church in Acts 2:42-47.

Here, in this description of the very first followers of Jesus, we see how Christianity started, exploded and was sustained in and through what we would call, “Life Groups.”

The early church didn’t grow at an explosive rate because they had Billy Graham preaching, the Bonner’s singers leading music and perfect looking, comfortable sanctuary chairs. They naturally attracted those around them because they were ‘learning, loving and living in authentic, tight-knit community.’

In short, they were fulfilling God’s design for all us – whether a follower of Jesus or not – to do ‘life together’…to be in a Life Group.

Scripture: Acts 2:42-47

Mission & Vision

Without a vision the people perish. We all need reminders of where we are headed. A new Year is a natural time to be reminded of what God is doing through New Life and to focus on the direction on where we are heading. Being New Life for the City, is a reminder that ministry won’t always be easy or neat and tidy, nonetheless we are called by God to community. to be on mission and to use our homes to live out the good news of Jesus.