Have you ever been tired of signing a song the repeats itself over and over? Psalms 136 is just that. It’s a hymn and it repeats 26 times, His Love Endures Forever.

Make you wonder why…. Well it’s easy to be forgetful. It’s easy to think if you love God everything will be great. The people of Israel weren’t having the best time, they were about to get slaughtered yet God loved them enough to give them the courage to take another step.

God’s chosen people needed to be reminded of God’s love. We needed to be reminded that no matter what, His love Endures for Ever, even when we forget.

Even when we are following God, he may create a way we had no idea was there (red sea)… So he loved us to create a way, yet also loves us to give us the courage to take another step… While it may be scary, God is with us because His Love Endures Forever…

Scripture: Psalms 136


Joy is one of those words we are too busy and stressed to really understand and pursue. Biblically we are called by God to choose in all circumstances. This means choosing to be in Gods presence. We need to Give him thanks for all that we have. Happiness is simply being excited about good circumstances, but joy comes through trials. Lets choose to fight for Joy.

Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3, James 1:2-4, Psalm 16, John 15:11


Peace is a strong value, behavior and state of mind. Did Jesus say the entire world would be at peace? If he did what went wrong? During this season we make all kinds of efforts to feel at peace…we decorate, buy gifts, visit people, do nice things. I’m not sure what we do has anything to do with obtaining Peace. Luke 2 gives us some insight.

Scripture: Luke 2:8-14


During this fun, but crazy Christmas season now upon us, may we – in the midst of a bunch of “Herods” who try to subtly block us from true hope – follow the Magi by searching for the unrivaled hope only Jesus can provide.

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-16