Memorials & Funerals

The loss of a loved one is very stressful, regardless of whether the death is expected after a long-term illness, or sudden, such as with an accident. At a time of loss, it is important to have a place of worship you can trust. As a service to our community, New Life considers it a privilege to provide our facility free of charge for those who are current members of New Life, to those wishing to honor their loved one with either a memorial or funeral service.

New Life also provides funeral and memorial services for the community based on availability of our facilities.

For additional information, please contact Denea Merritt at 562-924-4466 ext. 207,

*Please note, while we do not charge to rent any rooms for our church members, there will be fees for any professional services that are needed, such as room set up, musicians, funeral coordinator, sound person, pastor, etc.