What is Vision 2020?

Vision 20/20 allows us to continue to maintain and improve our infrastructure so we can continue to minister in our local community. Vision 20/20 will complete four large scale initiatives on our campus, freeing up energies to focus on the ministry God has called us to, reaching those who do not know Jesus as their savior.

Our Projects

We have four big projects in front of us. With your help, we’ll be able to get them done!

Kitchen Remodel

Our kitchen has served us well for
40 years and is in desperate need of a facelift. Over 150 kids are served food twice a day, 5 days a week. In addition, many of our church events serve hundreds. We no longer need our kitchen to store but to prep food. This will enable us to have a more stream-lined kitchen with the focus on a lot of counter space for food prep and serving as well as an appropriate storage. Plans include : commercial counters and cabinets to serve as storage. New lighting, flooring,, microwaves, sinks, fixtures, stove, along with a user friendly dishwasher.

Larger Screen

We need a better solution for viewing images in our worship center. A larger screen will allow words and videos to be seen further back and have a more significant impact, while also communicating to the next generation that we are moving forward. This project will also allow us to replace the immovable blinds on the second level of the worship center windows, allowing more flexibility with using natural light when desired for church services and rentals.

Patio Extension

Extending the patio to create a welcoming clean, level service, safe atmosphere, and child-friendly area for our guests and their children is a priority. Often we hear from someone that they are here because they drove by and noticed people in front of the building.

Parking Lot

Finally, completing another phase of our parking lot, will continue to improve and repair our parking here on campus.

Vision 20/20 will allow us to put more energy and effort into:

  • Gospel Ministry

    Connecting and influencing our community with the Gospel

  • Global Outreach

    Focusing more of our attention and resources to global outreach.

  • Leadership

    Continuing to be a church that develops new leaders for the next generation

  • Families

    Reaching more families, who are spiritually wandering and even content without the Gospel of Jesus

  • New Churches

    Starting new churches where the Gospel is desperately needed.

Our Goal

The cost of completing VISION:20/20 will be approximately $300,000. We have currently raised $186,023 of our $300,000 goal! $67,000 needed to install LED Wall. Thanks for your generous support that helped us to complete our kitchen and our front porch.

Our Progress

Donate Today!

You can donate online by clicking the button below or writing Vision:20/20 on your check or envelope with the donation form. You can also pledge your commitment and also indicate that on your envelope. There may be additional ways to give through your estate/stocks/etc. Those options should be talked over with your tax preparer.

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